PPC campaigns can be a great way to make your marketing dollars work hard for you and deliver targeted conversion.  However, they could also be a significant financial drain if you fail to optimize them accordingly to guarantee returns.

You might think you’re doing everything right by choosing trending keywords or focusing on local and long-tail keywords to target a specific audience, but there’s a lot more to PPC ads than just the keywords.  If you’ve invested a lot in your campaigns but you’re seeing little in the way of conversions and returns, it’s time to consider what you might be doing wrong.

If you have yet to partner with a service for marketing and social media management in Asheville, you might want to consider that hiring professionals could help.  In the meantime, here are just a few potential reasons why your PPC campaign is underperforming.

Ineffective Ad Content

A firm specializing in online digital marketing in Asheville, NC can help you to craft compelling content for your PPC ads, but you might think you can go it alone.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of potential pitfalls when learning how to craft effective content for your PPC campaigns.

The worst mistake is also the most common – failing to convey meaning with the content of your ads.  If people don’t know what you’re offering, there’s little chance they’ll click through to landing pages, or worse, they will click through with no real intention of converting, or no clear knowledge of what they’ll find, costing you money along the way.

It’s also extremely common to take a one-and-done approach to PPC ad campaigns.  This is a huge mistake.  Once you finalize content, you need to be prepared to tweak it as needed.  You might need to replace irrelevant or outdated keywords or update concepts to maintain relevance or create better rapport with an audience.

Plus, plenty of businesses focus so much on relevant keywords that they completely forget to take steps to exclude negative keywords that could lead to erroneous click-through.  Even worse is using generic content that spreads too wide of a net.  It may speak to the masses, but not directly to any one person who might actually be interested enough to click through.  An experienced Asheville digital marketing team can help you on every score.

 Lack of Follow-Through

PPC ad campaigns are a marathon, not a sprint, and this means you have to be in it for the long haul.  This starts with tracking to make sure your goals are being met.  If they’re not, you’ll need a way to determine what’s working, what isn’t, and how to adjust for better results.

A/B and multivariate testing can go a long way toward helping you to determine which content is a keeper and which ads don’t resonate with your target audience.  You and your partner in online and social media management in Asheville also need to update content, keywords, bids, and more.  Think of it like your fantasy football league.  If you don’t keep your roster up-to-date, you have very little chance of winning.

Improper Landing Pages

Your Asheville social media services and marketing partner can do a lot to help with your SEO, social media, and PPC campaigns, but you need to do your part, as well.  What if your ads are actually performing great and delivering click-through, but everything falls apart because your landing pages are poor or even missing?

If you’re going to take pains to funnel prospective customers to your website, you’d better have relevant content waiting to greet them on the other end.  You wouldn’t spend a ton of money advertising a sale at a brick-and-mortar store only to send people to the wrong address, or have the right place lacking the items advertised for sale.  Consider landing pages an extension of every PPC ad and you and your Asheville social media services partner can work to ensure that they deliver on the promise made by your ads.

Failure to Find a Suitable Asheville Digital Marketing Partner

As with any form of advertising, there’s a lot to be gained from PPC ads, but there’s also a lot that could go wrong.  As a business owner, you’re likely an expert in your field, and more than capable of offering top-notch products or services.  What you may not excel in is effective marketing, especially in the ever-changing online arena.

With a reputable and reliable provider of digital marketing in Asheville, NC on your side, however, you have the opportunity to minimize costs, maximize profits, and turn prospective customers seeking your products or services into patrons.  This starts with creating easy and compelling pathways to information and purchasing.

When you partner with the experts at Barking Dog for your SEO, PPC, social media and content marketing, and other online needs, you’ll see improvements in the outcomes of your online efforts and get closer to achieving set goals for conversions.

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