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Through outrageous creativity &
technology we strategically
represent your brand

If you can’t be found online…
You Can’t Be Found!

Creating visibility strategies through SEO Blueprinting
to identify and own the most valuable keywords

Digital Marketing Agency

Barking Dog Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency. Our competitive advantage is results-driven social media and turnkey digital marketing solutions that help with every stage – telling your story, feeding and growing your tribe, targeting and attracting potential customers, engaging them, and converting them into website traffic, brand evangelists, leads, and sales.

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Social Media Management

Grow your online community; create brand evangelism and leads through a strategic social media plan.

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Search Engine Optimization

Create tactics that organically increase your rankings in Google to attract searchers looking for your product or service.

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Social Media Marketing

Raise your visibility on sites like Facebook and Twitter driving interest that generates leads.

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Content Marketing

Creating quality content that represents your brand and tells your story is an imperative of social marketing.

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Reputation Management

Send the right message, build your brand image and tell your story online.

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Increase search engine visibility and website traffic quickly with paid search.

Search Engine Optimization + Search Engine Marketing = Search Engine Visibility

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[us_iconbox icon=”fas|check” iconpos=”left” title=”Attract & Build Your Audience” alignment=”left”]We strategically manage your social behavior. Loyalty is an art and a science we understand.[/us_iconbox][us_separator size=”small” show_line=”1″][us_iconbox icon=”fas|check” iconpos=”left” title=”Drive Quality Traffic” alignment=”left”]We target the right prospects, with the right message, at the right time.[/us_iconbox][us_separator size=”small” show_line=”1″][us_iconbox icon=”fas|check” iconpos=”left” title=”Generate Leads” alignment=”left”]We effectively use Internet advertising and content marketing strategies to create profitable activity.[/us_iconbox]

Barking Dog is Your Company’s Best Friend

Barking Dog came in to work with our team on social media training. They were open and personable as well as knowledgeable, so the training was a great success for our team. Instead of a one-size fits all generic approach, they conducted hands-on training using our own social sites and helped us put together a strategy and editorial calendar for each outlet. Also, the strategy around hashtags, engagement and best practices really gave the entire team a foundation from which to go out and make successes of our social media outlets. We’ve seen a definitely improvement in efficiency and effectiveness from our training and relationship with Barking Dog.


Amanda Sullivan

Marketing Director
Old Edwards Inn Hospitality Group

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