Social Media Management

Social Media can have a huge impact on your company’s marketing efforts. Its potential is always there like low hanging fruit just waiting to be picked. But, if you’re like many business owners or managers, you don’t know how to harness that potential, and in some cases, are clueless as to the impact it could have.

Barking Dog’s turnkey solutions include a team of social media experts that can consistently manage your accounts, engaging with your audience…helping you pick that low hanging fruit, employing proven social strategies. Solid steps, that turn strangers into fans and followers, and better yet, brand evangelists, generating buzz, web traffic and more qualified leads for a fraction of what traditional marketing costs. Bite into that notion for a moment…then call us for a free consultation!

Barking Dog’s Social Media Services

  • Social media strategy development
  • Campaign planning and execution
  • Organic content and graphics creation
  • Channel setup
  • Channel optimization
  • Community management
  • Consistent posting and daily monitoring
  • Engagement between followers and your brand
  • Content Creation
  • Community growth strategy
  • Brand voice, narrative & online reputation management
  • Staying up to date on latest social concepts and strategies
  • Real-time analytics
  • Social media training
Different Ways to Increase Engagement on Facebook Live

Everyone’s an Expert – Standing in the way of profit!

Here lies the problem…everyone has a Facebook page – most of us play on social platforms so we all think we have what it takes in business…that’s like saying you could compete in the Daytona 500 because you know how to drive fast. Consequently, with the best of intentions…that low hanging fruit just hangs on that tree of potential.

Turn Conversations into Conversions

Turn On The Potential

Barking Dog helps you turn social media from a hobby into serious marketing initiatives. We ignite and encourage authentic online connection to increase your fans and followers, nurture brand evangelism, engage and educate your audience on a daily basis, and create opportunities to leverage your company’s products and services to increase revenue. The result – more fans, leads and sales in the short term with increased brand awareness and buyer loyalty over time.

We can help you launch brand-new social accounts or revitalize the profiles you already have. We offer several versatile social media marketing packages.


If you know you need social media for your business but have been antisocial about the whole idea…well, this plan’s for you.
We have created a priced-right plan that will establish your brand and story on recommended social platforms, evaluate and improve your SEO and online authority, and put you on the right path to social success.

We pay attention to it because you probably won’t. Remember, the tail of a dog never covers its butt…but we will.

Asheville Social Media Management

Barking Dog Social Media Management services help local Western North Carolina companies and companies around the nation, focus on their core business, knowing their online presence is professionally managed, actively growing and helping make sales.

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