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Your website is your online storefront to the world. The goal in SEO is to out-rank your competition in desired search keywords so you can be found. Barking Dog uses tried and true ranking and placement methodologies to help you show up in high intent online search. Search Engine Optimization is the science of increasing traffic to your website.

We guide our clients through a comprehensive process leveraging our technology to improve every page on their website for search results. Our SEO experts, reviews your site in depth – the structure and content. We run an SEO audit, study your competitor’s websites, look at the search volume and how difficult it could be to rank for specific keywords given the authority of your site. Our software crawls your competitor’s websites to isolate the meta data, keywords and descriptions to improve your advantage. We never grow tired of celebrating the impact competent SEO has on our clients’ positions.

Get More High Search Intent Traffic to your Website

Organic Search Demystified

Unpaid search results are referred to as organic search. Many things contribute to organic search, but there are solid strategies and tools to increase your visibility in search engines unpaid search results. Search engines like Google and Bing return search results as sorted listings, which search engines deem as most relevant with the highest authority. SEO along with optimized content increases your specific website’s web page relevance.

A Blueprint to Lead Dog Success

A Lead Dog Blueprint is the foundation upon which we build SEO strategy and campaigns. The SEO blueprint cross-references the relevancy of keywords, the intent of your site’s top pages, content audit, competitor analysis, industry content study, keyword search volume and rankability to understand traffic opportunities.

The distillation of these initiatives joins together to create a solid SEO strategy. We are experts at creating rapid growth for your online presence, increasing visibility and ultimately increase revenue.

Every Page Offers An Opportunity

Every page on your website offers a unique opportunity to focus in on keywords, content and structure to help you stand out and be found first in online search. Through sophisticated software tools, Barking Dog analyzes what people search for when looking for a product or service, the actual search terms, keywords and keyword combinations they type in to search engines, and how search engines return their results. How cool is that!

Bottom line, higher-ranked websites receive the most attention and are easily located by potential clients. SEO makes your website more visible. Our focus is to get high search intent traffic to your website.

Asheville Search Engine Optimization

Barking Dog Search Engine Optimization – SEO services helps local Western North Carolina companies and companies around the nation, stay focused on their core business, knowing their SEO is being managed, increasing their ability to be found online.

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