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The content on your website, your posts, ads, blogs…anything associated with your company, can give you a strategic advantage. This is your brand voice speaking through multiple communication channels, your personality, the soul of who you are. Bottom-line, it’s the way you talk about yourself, and is an integral part of brand equity.

Expressing that properly through content, is what captivates and captures the attention of your customers. At Barking Dog, we create campaigns that lead to audience engagement, building trust, credibility and authority that leads to conversion.

Building Trust and Audience Engagement

Serving Two Masters

At Barking Dog, we take the time to understand you, to uncover the little pearls that can make a big difference in how your content is crafted.

Your content needs to serve two masters; visitors and targeted prospects, and the search engines. Pleasing both is critical to success. We take the same keywords and metrics strategy from the SEO Blueprint, and integrate them into your content.

The Art and Science

At Barking Dog, we view content strategically as a triangulation of storytelling, optimization and precise data analytics pointed at a specific audience. This core of convergence model, delivers effective messages to the most receptive audience, informing, educating and entertaining them with information that they care about most.

Asheville Content Marketing Services

Barking Dog’s Content Marketing Services help local Western North Carolina companies and companies around the nation, build trust, credibility, and authority through content marketing strategies.

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