10 Tips for Using Social Media with Your Company

Social media marketing tips for everyone

Social media allows anyone with Internet access — which is nearly everyone! — to command a TV channel, newspaper, editorial column, art gallery and so on — while connecting with hundreds, if not thousands, of friends and followers. Social media marketing taps into that network.

You risk losing the attention of your loyal customers if you’re not providing engaging material in their favorite forums. Don’t be left out, barking in the wind. The biggest brands in the world are playing in the social media space. To help you run with pack, here are ten social media marketing ideas:

  1. Be Predictable

Everyone likes a certain amount of routine. Dogs expect food at a certain time and a walk at another. Predictability creates a sense of security. When you post articles, photos or promotions, do it at a regularly scheduled time. Your customers will learn your routine. Don’t disappoint them. And always make them woof with joy.

  1. Offer Prizes

Nothing says you value your customers more than giving them an unexpected gift. Kids go crazy when they get a present, and dogs love a treat. Your customers have the same hardwired mentality. Holding a contest or a sweepstakes is an effective social media marketing tool for generating a buzz. Not sure how to go about it? Use an online app, such as:

  • Antavo
  • Contest Domination
  • Easypromos
  • Heyo
  • Offerpop
  • ShortStack
  • Wishpond
  • Woobox
  1. Make Videos

Video is the next big thing. Make your own and post them on YouTube, especially if they’re engaging, humorous or thought provoking. As much as people like reading a well-written blog post, watching a video requires no effort. By engaging their eyes and ears, you’ll have their undivided attention.

  1. Social Media Marketing through “Newsjacking”

Newsjacking is a term invented by online marketing strategist David Meerman. It describes the process by which a company latches on to a popular news story and then becomes identified with it. For example, consider a story about a penniless widow’s house getting hit by a falling airplane. A law firm, could take her case pro bono and become part of a yearlong social media soap opera.

  1. Feature Dogs, Cats and Babies

Everyone loves them. Everyone will stop and look. Don’t do it every time you post, but every once in a while, everyone needs a pleasant distraction. Don’t be “too cool” to post your fair share of cute pics.

  1. Use All Social Media

Even if you personally use only Facebook, remember that it’s not everyone’s favorite. Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram are all popular venues — and they’re just a few of the potential platforms out there. Develop a presence wherever your customers play.

  1. Feed the Alpha Dog First

Due to the nature of your customer base, you’ll probably find one particular social media platform that’s like doggy heaven, where most of your customers hang out — or at least check in regularly. Feed that puppy! Don’t ignore the other platforms (see Tip #6), but put most of your effort into this one.

  1. Practice Yin and Yang

Try to find the right balance between fun topics and business promotions. Not everyone may get your sense of humor, but showing some personality gets people to like you. At the same time, maintain your voice. Try to strike a happy medium between bulldog and Chihuahua.

  1. Rely on Your Blog

Have a blog on your company’s website and link that to your social media marketing campaign. Industry news, new products, and “how to” tutorials can play in integral part of your focus in this area.

  1. Be Alluring

Attractive people demand attention. Use this knowledge when choosing those all-important graphics and photos to accompany your posts. Don’t be shy!

So, if you’re ready, get out there with the good humor of a Labrador and the tenacity of a pit bull. Start making social media marketing a part of your company’s brand. If you don’t have the time yourself, let us do the barking for you!

Remember, if you’re not the lead dog, the scenery never changes!

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