You’ve probably heard the arguments on both sides of the PPC debate, with some saying spending on paid ads definitely affects organic results, while others claim there are rigorous protections in place to keep this very thing from happening.  The truth of the matter lies somewhere in the middle.

Yes, Google works hard to ensure that paid results and organic SEO are kept separate, and their complex tracking algorithms are up to the task, but there are always factors that can’t be accounted for, namely consumer experiences that contribute to the decision to click an ad versus organically ranked search results.  The issue is a lot more complicated than you might suspect.

If you’re thinking of partnering with an expert in digital marketing in Asheville, NC to improve organic search results and/or add PPC to your online efforts, you should know that one can definitely affect the other in terms of improving your results all around.  How does Google PPC affect organic results, and how can you and your Asheville digital marketing firm make the most of your efforts?  Here are a few things you should know.

Some People Avoid Ads

PPC ads are an important part of any online marketing strategy, as your partner in digital marketing in Asheville, NC can tell you.  However, they must be used in conjunction with other efforts in order to see the best possible results.

One reason for this is that some search users refuse to click on paid ads, preferring instead to rely on organic search results.  Perhaps these searchers feel that because paid ads get top placement over organic results, they are somehow less relevant or valid than organic results.

The upside is that organic results could see a boost simply because they are below ads that users would rather not click.  In this way, PPC ads could actually improve search traffic for similar organic results, improving the outcome of SEO efforts.  This is obviously a factor that Google’s efforts to separate paid and organic search have no control over.

Ads Can Improve Visibility and Brand Recognition

Even if searchers prefer organic results over PPC ads, you still need to work with an expert in social media management in Asheville to round out your online marketing efforts with paid advertising for the simple reason that it can help to improve brand visibility and overall recognition.  When your ads show up for certain searches, they’re going to be the first thing users see.

Just because search users don’t click on your ads doesn’t mean they don’t acknowledge them.  They have to identify them before scrolling down to find organic results, and being presented with ads that feature your brand name or other identifying information can help to increase familiarity and potentially lead to future recognition and interactions.

When consumers are exposed to your brand and become familiar with it, they’re more likely to engage later on, perhaps converting through organic or paid content down the line.  Before you tell your social media management in Asheville that PPC isn’t for you, consider the many ways it could deliver in the long-run.

Searches that Produce No Ads

Some searches produce only organic results related to the efforts of your Asheville social media services team, and these obviously skew in favor of boosting the performance of organic SEO efforts.  Generally speaking, paid results tend to play second fiddle to organic search by a large margin, but in cases where no paid ads populate, organic will certainly win out.

Of course, this works both ways.  There are also going to be searches for which paid ads offer the most relevant results.  Even if there are plenty of organic results, as well, they simply may not match the query as perfectly as the PPC ads that populate, improving the results of paid efforts.  In other words, the lack of ads or the lack of relevant organic results could have a significant impact on how well certain ads or organic SEO efforts pay off.

You and Your Asheville Digital Marketing Team Can Change the Dynamic

Taking a long view of what you can accomplish with PPC is always wise.  What you might not know is that the gains you make today with your ad choices can impact the market over time.  For one thing, the ads you place can lead to increased sharing, mentions, links, and more.  However, when you and your Asheville social media services partner select search terms and queries to bid on, it can impact how competitors react.

If you find an untapped niche, you may benefit in the short-term, but you might also bring it to the attention of competitors, increasing competition in the long-term and changing the market, including the results of both paid and organic efforts.  As a result, you need to remain flexible in order to stay ahead of the game.

With the help of an experienced social media management and SEO partner, you can develop the perfect strategy for your PPC and organic SEO campaigns.  Contact the experts at Barking Dog today at 828-215-7329 or online to learn more.

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