There’s more to telling a story than having a beginning, middle, and end.  You need to create reasons for the audience to care, and when it comes to promoting your business through a brand story, you might have trouble connecting with your audience.  With the right creative storytelling, however, you and your partners in social media management in Asheville can have a major impact.  Here are a few ways to tell your brand story on social media.

Embrace Your Unique Story

The history of your brand, your mission, your core values, and your goals – all of these things make your brand unique and inform the decisions you make, the products you create, and the relationships you form with customers.  Telling your story with the help of your Asheville social media services team begins by knowing who you are and what makes you different from competitors.

Coca Cola didn’t become a success overnight.  It took time, and part of what helped this brand to grow is the story they told.  Famous ad campaigns have seen Santa Claus sipping a bottle of Coke and people coming together to “give the world a Coke”, just for example.

Coke has long made itself an indelible part of the American landscape, and one of the ways they’ve done it is by tying their story to current cultural trends and movements with insight and understanding.  Pepsi has tried to do the same with less success, as when they attempted to capitalize on the sensitive Black Lives Matter movement with a white supermodel sharing a message of unity.  The trick is to work with an experienced partner in digital marketing in Asheville, NC to make sure your message is thoughtful and resonates with your audience.

Don’t Be Afraid to Share the Truth

Knowing what to share with customers can be a fine line, but often, telling your story is all in how you frame it.  For example, you might not want to share a photo of an exhausted employee, slumped at a cubicle, working late into the evening hours – it’s not a great look for your company if the staff is overworked and underappreciated.

On the other hand, a photo of a devoted employee at a workstation smiling, with a caption about how she just shipped out a holiday order, how she’s being recognized for caring about customers, and how she’s going to be rewarded not only conveys a relatable human element but shows that your company cares about employees and customer alike.  That’s a great story.

The day to day of running a company may not always be exciting, but recognizing opportunities to share real stories in compelling ways can help to shape public perception and inform the way customers engage with your brand.  A creative Asheville digital marketing partner can help you to craft your unique story from even the most seemingly inconsequential moments, as well as major moments like product launches or charity events, for example.

Go Macro

People don’t care about companies; they care about other people.  The good news is, your company is built on the efforts of its employees, and these real people can help to share your brand story in a relatable and compelling way.

While you and your social media management in Asheville obviously don’t want to delve too deeply into the personal lives of your employees, you can highlight their accomplishments, how they support your core values and ideals, and their commitment to customer satisfaction and support.  This is a great way to humanize your company.

Take a Serial Approach

One of the difficulties of social media is maintaining relevance.  You need to give people a reason to come back, and you can do this by offering a developing narrative over the course of several posts, much like radio serials of old.

Suppose you’re launching a new product.  Your social media accounts provide a platform from which to share developments, drop hints, and generally keep your audience wondering what’s coming next, creating a sense of anticipation that could equate to a groundswell of consumer interest by the time your product launches.

Your Asheville social media services partner could help you to craft segmented stories of a much shorter duration, as well, with several posts over the course of a single day or a few days that offer vignettes to highlight products or principles.  Paint a picture with short snippets, like consecutive posts that tell the story of a family enjoying your products, and detail those products making their lives better in a narrative format that elicits emotion.

Involve the Community

The story of your company wouldn’t be complete without the people who keep you in business: your customers.  Can you find ways to incorporate their experiences with your brand?  The easiest way is by launching social media projects with your Asheville digital marketing team that calls on customers to upload photos and share their experiences using a hashtag related to your campaign, although you can also collect customer stories and share them in your own way. Are you struggling to tell your story in meaningful and productive ways via social media?  Barking Dog is here to help.  Contact us today at 828-450-2551 or online to get started.

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