Your Blog – The Ultimate Electronic Dog and Pony Show

Use your blog to get your social media numbers out of the doghouse and into an infectious, viral frenzy.

“Viral” used to make people run for the proverbial hills because it meant that you had some kind of infectious disease. These days, if you use the word “viral” around your friends and coworkers, you’ll get a high five.

Sure, a virus still can do nasty things to your computer — just like a viral infection spreading through a hospital ward. But its counterpart “viral” has taken on an entirely new meaning. In the language of the Internet, viral is very good.

Watch It Soar

When news, jokes, videos and Twitter feeds go viral, they grab so much worldwide attention that they become actual news events themselves. And while pictures may be worth a thousand words, words are worth their weight in gold.

One of the best ways to get your name recognized in a viral context is through your blog. Blog posts make excellent fodder for keeping your website updated and relevant. They also make great material for all your social media. They won’t all go viral, but they will gain attention for your company.

The Meaning Behind the Moniker

If you think twice about it, viral is a great word to express the ideal consequence of blogging. If viral means “to spread,” then get it on. Spread the news about you and your business. Spread the word that you’re reliable and valuable, that you have the answers and the expertise. Spread your authoritative paws and maul your way through the Internet highway.

And all it takes to get started is some fabulous writing and precocious placement. To land a viral place online:

  • Write about current events that already have hit viral status. Chat about or make fun of news that is and isn’t fit to print.
  • Rely on blazing hot keywords that everyone’s typing into search engines to get your blog to pop up on Page One of the big dog pages.
  • Write for readers who enjoy a cool turn of phrase or witty banter, but make your words are easy to digest.
  • Avoid errors at all costs. Your infectious viral post must be accurate with no, repeat no, spelling or grammatical errors.
  • Make your readers look good by giving them viral-worthy posts to re-post among their legions of friends. That’s the ultimate in viral — getting others to do your marketing for you.

To DIY or Not

If you’re a great writer who enjoys the process of turning your creative juices into healthy smoothies, then go for it:

  • Make your industry news relevant to your customers.
  • Write informational articles that help others.
  • Post your blog posts on your social media pages and on your site every week.
  • Grab one-liners from your blogs to post on Twitter.
  • Slice your articles up to make them last over a long Facebook comment section.
  • Optimize your blogs with the keyword strategy being used in your website.

Or hire professionals like us, to do your bidding. Professional writers can make you look and sound every bit as good as you are. And as far as the social buzz, there’s no one better to get you in a viral state of mind than our team at Barking Dog. We are chomping at the bit to take on a viral task. And we will work our tails off to see that your dog and pony show is the best it can be in the viral marketplace.

Remember…If you’re not the lead dog, the scenery never changes.

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