In high school, everyone was concerned about what their peers thought of them.  In an environment that runs on social currency, building and maintaining a reputation is essential to success, happiness, and even survival.  You might think this stressful dynamic will evaporate as people grow older and wiser, but while you may become more confident in yourself and devote less personal concern to how others see you, the truth is that businesses must consider the opinions of their customers if they want to be successful.

In this day and age, you cannot compete if you don’t have a strong, positive online reputation.  A handful of negative reviews can seriously impact your appeal to prospective customers, and a scandal or crisis of some sort could quickly get out of hand and destroy a good reputation that took you and your Asheville digital marketing partners years to build.

This is why it’s so important to engage in online reputation monitoring and management.  You don’t want your branding and marketing efforts to go to waste, so you need to monitor responses, address concerns or complaints in a timely manner, and control the messaging current and prospective customers encounter as much as possible.  Here are just a few benefits you’ll gain when you partner with experts in digital marketing in Asheville, NC to monitor your online reputation.

Build and Maintain Trust by Collaborating with Asheville Digital Marketing Experts

Many consumers rely on trusted referrals to find the best products and services.  As a business, word of mouth can only go so far to building your reputation and your clientele.  However, building an online reputation through marketing and reviews can give you an astronomical boost.  With the help of experienced Asheville social media services professionals, you can work to build a strong, positive reputation.

Unfortunately, failing to monitor what consumers and media are saying about you online could have an equally negative impact on your reputation and your business.  If you want to build trust online, you really need a foundation of positive public feedback to reinforce your messaging and act in lieu of trusted personal recommendations from family and friends.  Positive consumer and media reviews can act as a trusted referral.

Minimize Response Time

If you’re not monitoring your online reputation, a bad situation can quickly spiral out of control and take your reputation down with it.  Proper monitoring with the help of experts in social media management in Asheville can give you the real-time data you need to mount an immediate response before negative feedback is able to do much harm.  Minimizing response time gives you the opportunity to address problems before they unduly influence public opinion and leave you trying to salvage the shambles of your reputation.

Work with Asheville Social Media Services Experts to Reduce Risk Factors

With the help of experts in digital marketing in Asheville, NC, you have a much better chance to cast a wide net of surveillance.  Professionals in marketing and social media have the knowledge and resources to properly monitor social chatter in order to pinpoint potential problem areas, rectify negative impressions in a timely manner, and help you maintain an untarnished reputation.

Create a Virtuous Circle

You may have heard of a vicious cycle, by which a chain of bad events reinforces itself, leading to a downward spiral of mishaps.  The opposite of this is the virtuous circle, by which positive events lay the foundation for future successes.

This phenomenon could also be labeled simply as “like attracts like”.  The idea is that when you have a positive reputation, it will continue to grow and attract positive influences.  For example, a company with a strong and enduring positive reputation is not only going to be more attractive to customers, but also to prospective employees, and when you hire the best candidates, you have a much better opportunity to build on your previous successes, reinforcing your virtuous circle and your growing reputation.

On the other hand, a poor reputation only serves to beget further disdain and failure for your company, something that you’d probably prefer to avoid.  It’s always easier to maintain a positive reputation once you have it, but you can’t afford to rest on your laurels.  You need to be aware of potential harm to your reputation in order to maintain your positive image.

Increase Profitability

The bottom line is always an important factor, so you may hesitate to spend the money on hiring experts in marketing and social media management in Asheville to monitor your reputation.  However, the financial impact of a major and lasting hit to your reputation could set you back a lot more, and even threaten the future of your business.  Well-reviewed companies with strong reputations are not only more likely to draw customers, employees, business partners, and more, but they also tend to be more profitable than competitors with reputation problems.

If you’re looking for a reputable and experienced marketing, monitoring, and management firm to help you build and maintain a positive reputation, contact Barking Dog today at 828-215-7329 or online to learn more.

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